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CILB Probation Assistance
CILB Contractor Probation Packet Assistance
We provide assistance to ease the process for you in completing and submitting each of the following applications:

    Track your probation hearing dates.

    Remind you of upcoming submittal deadlines.

    Review your probation packet prior to submitting to the CILB office.

    Submit your probation packet to the CILB on or before the deadline.

    Remind you of upcoming probation hearing date.

    Attend CILB probation hearings with you, if available.

Have you been placed on probation by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR), Constrution Industry Licensing Board (CILB)?

Do you understand fully your obligation to fulfil the requirements in your final order?

Do you know how to establish a payment plan with or make payment for fines and costs to DBPR/CILB?

Do you need to be kept informed of important dates pertaining to your probation?

Do you need assistance putting together a complete probation packet and get guidance for your probation hearing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not hire somebody who is very familair with the process by attending the CILB meetings monthly?

Our team of professionals can help you.

Start today by scheduling a complementary consultation. 

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